Beyond Enterprizes

Going Beyond Strategic Advisory

Beyond Enterprizes started in 2012 as a pioneering strategic advisory firm and has since gone on to build crypto exchanges on four continents, directly contributing to the success of more than 50 blockchain projects, including EOS, Bancor, and the HDAC, with a specific focus on Insurtech, FinTech, and DeFi.

Their commitment to world-changing projects has allowed Beyond Enterprizes to grow a global community of crypto funds and investors under the Blockchain Investors Consortium (BIC) and earn accolades and results on a worldwide scale.

The projects Beyond Enterprizes has partnered with have reached a combined market cap of over $5 billion, allowing the expansion of their capabilities to go beyond strategic advisory and become a full-service partner for strategy, development, and execution of successful products and services. This is also the case with EQIFI, where, as joint partners, they manage blockchain innovation, technology development, and strategy advisership.